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The Netzer electrical engineering Company specialized in Promoting and selling electrical, electronic components and cable accessories for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage.

The main activity of our work consists on import and distribution of products from more than 20 leading companies all over the world.


Our company is certified in the ISO9001 standard



Netzer electrical engineering was founded in 1970.


Product Range:


We are specialized in a vast spectrum of products for the electrical energy market to provide a one stop shop for our clients.

Our entire product stands in the highest standard and requirements.


Technical Team:


Due to our many years of experience our technical team provides an experience and professional solutions for our customer with all of our range of products including turnkey projects.




Netzer electrical engineering is a dynamic organization pursuing excellence and efficiency in service and technical solutions

Our inventory regular contains most of our products all the times so we are capable of providing a quick and reliable service.


We supply to a variety of customer here in Israel an around the world

Among our customer you can find:


IEC(Israel Electric Company),IDF, Oil factories Haifa and Ashdod, HV cabinet manufacturers, local contractors, Dead Sea factories, Chemical Industry, Etco- Solel Bone, Batmann.


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